How do I add the shipping tracking numer to an order?

When I complete an order, I'd like to associate a tracking number to it for reference. Ideally the customer would also be sent this information.

I can't figure out how to do this in cs-cart?

Tracking, as in shipment tracking?

Yes. Like the UPS tracking number so the customer can see it on their order. Is it possible?

Select the add new shipment link on the order detail page, then enter the carrier and tracking info.

It depends on which version you have. I know in 2.2.4 it can be a little tricky the first few times. You have to add the tracking number, then hit save, then click on the processing box, check off notify customer, then click completed or whichever you need to set it too. If you don't hit save after you add the tracking number and/or comments then when you click processed or complete it won't send the tracking number or comments along with the email to your customer. Hope that helps.

Seems my problem was that I was using a newer version of php, and so downgrading fixed the prob. Apparently smarty is buggy with the newer version.