How do I add a product to a Customer account and make it free?


I sometimes need to add a free product to a customer's account. I can either add it to an existing order, or create a new one. I want to know how to do either, but make the product be free–NO CHARGE. I offer downloadable products, and often when there is a problem with the download, I'll give the customer a free product as a thank you for their patience, etc. The problem is that CS cart makes me enter payment data for the customer, and I want to bypass that and make it free. Note that I do not want to make this a rule (“buy 1 get 1 free” etc.) This is just so my customer service can adjust orders without having to enter any payment data from the customer.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Set the price as 0.0001 this will let cs cart see a price but the charge to the customer will be 0.00.

Use a hidden coupon code that discounts 100% for specific items.