How do I add a note in the "Shipping method" area?

In the Shipping method area of my checkout, I need to add a note. I could not find it in the Languages section of my admin. Where do I find this?

Thank you.

Depending on exactly what you want, you could do something like:

In skins/your-skin/customer/views/checkout/components/shipping_rates.tpl



Your Message Here

Or you could add a language variable with your message and have something like:


If it were me though you would make a file called:


and put the file in:


In this new file I would put:

{if $shipping_rates}


{if $display == "radio"}

{foreach from=$shipping_rates key="shipping_id" item="s_rate"}


{elseif $display == "select"}

{elseif $display == "show"}

{foreach from=$shipping_rates key="shipping_id" item="s_rate"}
{if $cart.shipping.$shipping_id}
{capture name="selected_shipping"}
{$} {if $s_rate.delivery_time}({$s_rate.delivery_time}){/if} - {if $s_rate.rates|@array_sum}{include file="common_templates/price.tpl" value=$s_rate.rates|@array_sum}{else}{$lang.free_shipping}{/if}


I hope this helps,


I’ll take the hook route. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

Edit: This method works perfectly!