How Do I Add A Content Page To A Block ?

During the conversion to Responsive many of my content pages

disappeared from a block.

The content html is alien to me.

Can I substitute
  • About us

  • with
  • About us

  • ??

    Tried it and it worked just fine in one block.
    In another I had to truncate the a href to '/pagename.html' or I got a 404
    Crazy stuff.

    If you change SEO name in the future, it can cause problems.

    If you do not know how to get the correct page ID, just hover over the page name on the Website → Content page and check ID in the status bar

    Yes I know about hovering over a web site link.

    Just like hovering over a spam ( or toxic site ) link in an email

    but I am not sure how CS-Cart sees

    ( which I see when hovering over the link )



    It all appears to have gone strange after I went 'responsive'

    but it also may have happened during upgrades.

    Footer links went missing block html syntax changed.

    Sorry about this BOLD text but I couldn't edit some copy and pastes

    to normal text.

    You should not use FQDN (fully qualified domain names) for current site references. If you want to hard code it, you should just use “//about-us.html” (the // notation will tell it to use https if you're on an https page). But why would you want to do this at all? If this is truly a block then smarty will be used and the {"pages.view?page_id=2|fn_url} syntax should work just fine. If this is in a description or other non-smarty processed area (I.e an html block), then suggest using the “//about-us.html” as discussed above.