How Do Gift Certificates Work?

One of the features of CS-Cart is the built in Gift Certificate functionality. Now, the opportunity is how do they actually work?

Using PayPal Sandbox, I have been successful in ordering and sending a gift cert through email. The certificate status is Active in the cart admin area.

If the shopper has a $50 cert and buys a $59 product, it seems like the amount due on credit card should be decremented by the amount of the gift certificate but this is not what is happening. Also, it is a little confusing because the gift cert id field is visible in “add to cart” and again at step 3 of checkout. (Using CS-Cart 2.1.1). I have 2 payment methods enabled, credit card via paypal and phone.

When the shopper chooses the credit card option, the total due is displaying at paypal is not decremented by the amount of the gift certificate. I’ve tried “redeeming” a certificate there and PayPal went into lala land. I need to be able to test this and let the customer feel comfortable that it is working prior to launch next week.

Another pressing question is one that remains unanswered in a previous thread. If someone is using a $100 gift certificate and purchases a $20 product, are they able to use the remaining $80 at a future time?

Thanks in advance for all your input!

Ok. I just figured out that the customer must “apply” the certificate so sorry to be a “dumb user” on that question.

The other question is answered too. The certificate value is decremented by the amount of the purchase until it is totally consumed.

Well Done Cart Developers!