How do b_county & s_county columns get populated?


I author the third-party add-on that integrates CS-Cart with QuickBooks (US) and Sage 50 (US). I'm currently updating my scripts and am excited to see these two columns on the database.

US-based taxation is quickly moving in the direction of street-level cross-referencing with county-based tax authorities and these fields support that perfectly. This sets-up perfectly with cross-referencing by State/County in the accounting system for properly directing the import to the correct authority.

Could someone please indicate if these columns on the database are in-use yet, and if so, what are the mechanisms by which they are populated.


Scott Wheeler

There isn't a “County” that I am aware of. However there is “Country” and the “b_” is for the billing address and the “s_” is for the shipping address.

Edit: I stand corrected. There is “county” in the data base but apparently cs does not utilize these fields.

“b_county” and “s_county” are in the user_profiles database table. It's never been used. You can't even add this field to the Profile Fields.