How Can This Happen?

Person made 2 orders in a role with different products and second instead of creating new order just deleted and overwritten prior one. Payment method 2checkout, 437. Processed status is stock decrease and does not have pay again enabled.

I'm going to guess that it is a protection built-in that prevents users from submitting an order twice within some time period. It probably allows the cart content to change. I'm going to further guess that your payment provider will show one order at price $A and the second comes in as an update and the order amount is replaced with the second order total of $B.

But, this is only a guess.

Why would anyone want to forbid making two orders in a role? Maybe someone forgot something and makes additional order + combined postage..

Because on slow sites, they can click "Submit my order" twice since the button is not disabled after being clicked (the best solution).