How can I use Listmania to add pictures of finished products?

Version 1.3.5 last upgrade


Proficiency with instructions: Good if it is instructions with Admin. Not so good if it is “computerise” with code or back door stuff.

My Custom Cork Bulletin Boards Department offers different fabrics and options that the customer can use to build the board they want. With all the options selections, there can be several different looking boards and I need a way to show these selections to my customer to give them ideas and encourage their selections. I used the additional thumbnail pictures but ran into a problem with the customer thinking that what they see is what they get instead of it being only an example. I created some pages in the nav bar “Pictures” but the customer often doesn’t see to go there and I want them to see only the examples of the fabric they are considering. Ideally, I would like to open a listmania tab “Examples of Completed Boards” so that while they are on the description page they can see examples of how their board will look. I take a picture of each completed board.

QUESTION: How can I list pictures so that I can add just the pictures I want to each Product Page under a fourth tab (I currently have “Description” “Send to Friend” “Companion Products”)

As always, thanks so much for your great help! Diana