How can I use export/import to edit existing products

Hello All

My second question of the day.

I’ve got my catalog in a half decent state but I’d like to add a load of extra data to my items and it will be much faster for me to do this in a spreadsheet.

If I want to use import/export to modify existing products what do I do?

Do I check delete existing products or not?

Also are there any fields I must not edit in order for the products to copy over the existing products correctly?


Hello, I am wondering the same thing. But, I went as far as re-importing the spreadsheet with “Delete all existing product files before” specified (this is a new store I am trying to build). Prior to re-importing, I modified the categories of some products in the spreadsheet, and now the products do not appear in the catalog at all. The categories appear, but not the products within them. Once I get by this hurdle, it would be nice to know if products can be re-import without breaking the joins to orders, etc.

We need a wiki for all this import/export stuff.

Simple elements can be exported - modified - imported.

But if using global product options and other information that links tables then that data cannot be imported into another cs-cart.