How Can I Translate Admin Panel


I am testing version 4.1.2 in my local.But ı can not translate the admin page well.

For example Settings> Appearence - Settings> General Settings etc.

I couldnt find the translation mode? Is there any mode like this?

Thank you.

Hello ben_erhan!

Here is the knowledge base article about translations…ranslate-cscart

In brief, there is a translation mode in CS-Cart 4 but it seems to work for the storefront only (Administration → Languages → Translations, click the gear button on top right and choose on-site text editing).

Most of admin values you can translate via Languages → Translations but as I see the search for the general settings text returns no results.

There is another way to translate all text (both admin and storefront).

In the CS-Cart root directory, follow the path var/langs/ There are the language files in the langs folder. Copy the “en” file, paste it at the same place and rename to your language. Edit the lines 10-13 in this copied file with your language info. Then, you can edit all text right in this file (look for text in “” after msgstr). Save.

In the admin back-end go to Administration → Languages → manage languages and click the Add language (+) button on the left. Choose the file you added/edited and click Install.

Change the language in the admin panel and check for translations. I guess, that's the best way if you want to translate the entire website.

Best regards, Alt-team

thank you Alt-Team

your answer has the best solution.

I will try.