How can i show goods from all subcaregories on category pages?


I have such structure:


Subcategory 1

Subcategory 2 etc

Sub-subcategory 1

Sub-subcategory 2

Sub-subcategory 3 etc

On category page I need to show ALL images of goods with name, price (like on Sub-subcategory) of ALL goods in subcategories, sub-subcategories, beloning to current category (divided by pages, of course).

On subcategory page I need to show ALL images of goods with name, price of all goods in sub-subcategories, divided by pages.

I was thinking this can be done on Design → Appearance settings and there

“Default templates for products list”, but this for showing images of categories and subcategories, if i properly take it.

on 2.0.10 I went to administration>setting>general and half way down under catalog check the box…Show products from subcategories of the selected category

I am wanting to show the sub-subcategories too… checking the box to show the products is not the answer.

Try assigning the product to each category.

Admin - Catalogue - Products - [product] - secondary categories

This should be a quick fix

I don’t think people are understanding what is wanted here… no one is having trouble listing products… its the actual sub-subcategories that need to be listed. The only way to do so currently is to click on a subcategory which then takes you to the subcategories for that category you clicked on, but how can you get it to show all the subcategories for the currently selected subcategory on that first page?

The menu_list.tpl does this already, but I need a way to do it within the categoires/view.tpl.