How Can I Make My Search Template Secure

My McAfee secure PCI scan is unhappy with my search form as it is not secure. Can anyone share information with me to let me know how to make it secure via my search.tplI have an SSL certificate and my admin panel is set for SSL Admin panel, secure connection at checkout, and secure connection for authentication, profile and orders pages.

I submitted a post to technical support of cs-cart and they responded that they could tell me how to do this but since my credits were used up they would not inform me until I purchase more credits.

I am somewhat disappointed that cs-cart does not have very in depth user manuals or knowledge base to refer to for issues such as this.

We are finding it very difficult to have our cs-cart website pass McAfee PCI scanning. Any insight would be very appreciated.

Why does a PCI scan care about a user search? The PCI scan shouln’t be able to get into the admin area for its search capability (part of the scan should be to see if it can though). I’m confused at why your PCI scan cares about a search box…

Try to re-route search form to https…?