How can i "grab" the current url?


i made a custom form>copy it > and paste it as an html block in products tab

i use it as “Easy order” form. User click on products tab>fill in his info> click send and i receive the order

My only problem is that i can’t grab the current page url or seo or product name or product code and set it as a hidden field.

the field i want to change is:


where XXX should be the product’s code or name or seo

i use the below vars with no success. it just doesn’t read the var.







{if $send_data.notes}{$send_data.notes}{else}{$product.product|unescape}



i also tried to use <?php ....?> but still nothing. i also grab the whole code from send_to_friend.PHP and put it at the top of my form, but still nothing

any help please?