How Can I Give Money Back To Customers After Setting Rma

we want to give money back to out customer in original way after he paid by paypal. When i set the RMA add-on and return request, but no money back from paypal,which needs processed manually.

How can I do to refund automatically to customers' account?

Thank you in advance

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are you using Paypal for Commerce?

are you using Paypal for Commerce?

you mean the add-on on cs cart? I can use the default payment method-paypal


The default PayPal payment method has integration with the RMA add-on. In case you have changed the return status to Approved or Completed and confirmed the refund operation, the refund request will be made to the PayPal's side and in case everything went well, you will receive the following notification:

The refund has been made via PayPal

Otherwise this notification won't be displayed.

yes!I changed the status as completed manually, I will change to status as requested. Can the paypal refund and let me know?

Could you please clarify if the

The refund has been made via PayPal

Notification was displayed? If not, there might have been some error returned from the PayPal’s side, so I recommend you to check the Administration > Logs for the latest requests to PayPal, containing the REFUNDTYPE text.

hi team, I also asked paypal team, they gave me the API and I don’t know how to set in paypal standard

how can i set the automatical refund via this document? or do I need set via paypal advance?

This API method is already used for making refunds with using PayPal and RMA add-ons.

so how can I do with paypal standard payment if I want to refund automatically?

Please follow these instructions:

Please make sure that the return status was changed to Approved or Completed in order to initiate return request to PayPal.

Thank you so much,I will try it and generally how soon can i get feedback from paypal?

yes, I have already followed all the tips but no reply from paypal.

attached picture is my setting for refund, no update after save.I didn’t receive any notification from paypal.

Thanks in advance with your help

Thank you

Could you please check the Admin > Logs, with Requests: HTTP/HTTPS filter applied?

There should be present the log entry with request to PayPal ( with RefundTransaction text within request body. Please find this entry for the date when you tried to change the return status and check the Response.

Please let me know if the response has any text about errors.

sorry for late reply, cause I tryed and changed so many times.I will try the payment again and let you know once I received any updates.
Thank you so much

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