How can i get thumbnail url on grid_list.tpl

Hello friends

i try editing grid_list layout.

I make a little but i need a hand because i cant get product thumbnail url.

I want to show picture without making any height or width changes.

Other layout will works whatever it is

but grid layout works with not resized thumbnail images.

i write “IMAGE THUMBNAIL URL” below in codes.

thumbnail stored in

“cscart_images.image_path” table.

Here is the code which i got in trouble

[QUOTE] {if $product}

{hook name=“products:product_multicolumns_list”}

{assign var=“obj_id” value=“$obj_prefix``$product.product_id”}


{if $item_number == “Y”}{$cur_number}. {math equation=“num + 1” num=$cur_number assign=“cur_number”}{/if} 1} title=“{$product.product}”>{$product.product|unescape|strip_tags|truncate:40:“…”:true}{else}>{$product.product|unescape}{/if}

{include file=“views/products/components/buy_now.tpl” hide_wishlist_button=true hide_compare_list_button=true simple=true show_sku=true hide_add_to_cart_button=$hide_add_to_cart_button but_role=“action”}



Can somebody find how can i get thumbnail url in grid_list.tpl