how can I get rid of the jcarousel or...

I just upgraded to 2.0.14 from 2.0.12

I was putting it off because the first time i tested it I saw MANY problems

so I have done it now… and Have worked out the main design issues other than


WHY would you force a dramatic user interface change!?

I hate this… I don’t want it functionality (Which by the way isn’t working for me out of the box)… I tried to remove it but it seems that the JS code used for the previous image switcher isn’t there/or working now so I have revert back the the jcarousel product_images.tpl code.

I am pretty new to cs-cart and I love aspects of it… but if I knew that I would have to do so much work for every upgrade (and they come often) I wouldn’t have gone with it.

This might be a rant but I’m pissed!.

So back to the point… how do you get jcarousel to work correctly

Right now I can have a MAX of 3 image pairs, any more and the jcarousel adds a with that breaks my site. It appears that the width is added dynamically… and I am guessing that the jcarousel depends of certain css to allow for the correct display, but since this part of my site is heavily styled… I have no idea what is required… or if I can accomodate it.

With 3 image I have it working much like it did before… Is it possible to just have the next image wrap to the next line? I don’t need a carousel.

Did you ever get this to work? Or do you have something better now?

I did sort of. I didn’t figure out how to remove it, rather I added styles that seem to have controlled the remaining parts enough that I can now have unlimited images again… I haven’t done the last 2 upgrades, since I am very scared of what they will do to my site, and I haven’t had a chance to set it up on my local dev machine to test.

Yes I agree - it’s difficult to find time to test before bringing changes live with time constraints etc.

What exactly do you use the JCarousel for? Is it the homepage banner adverts on your site? How is the back end integration with CS Cart?