How Can I Export "buy Together" Contents

How can i export “buy together” contents.

Export the data directly from the database table. If you use cPanel then you probably have access to phpMyAdmin where you can run the queries:

[sql]SELECT * FROM cscart_buy_together[/sql]

[sql]SELECT * FROM cscart_buy_together_descriptions[/sql]

phpMyAdmin allows you to Export the results of your query to CSV. Then just import the data into the new database tables.

Thank you so much

You are welcome.


To get all data in one request please use the following query:

SELECT items.*,, descr.description FROM cscart_buy_together items LEFT JOIN cscart_buy_together_descriptions descr ON items.chain_id = descr.chain_id AND descr.lang_code = 'EN';

Just replace the “EN” with the required language code.