How can I download old releases of cs-cart?

I purchased a theme at Algozone after purchasing the cs-cart software for a brand new website I am setting up. Immediately after installing the software on my server and the Algozone theme, and activating everything, I realized that the site didn’t appear right. Certain banners weren’t rotating and the menu looked out of place. I sent an email to Algozone and they said that the theme was designed to be used with Cs-Cart v 2.1.2, not v. 2.1.3 which is what CS-Cart gave me access to download. In fairness to Algozone, it says on their site that the the theme is good for v.2.1.3, but I didn’t realize it would totally mess up by going from 2.1.2 to 2.1.3. I’ll make sure I never install an update via admin! :rolleyes:

I asked Algozone if they would make the necessary changes to their skin, so that it would work with 2.1.3. They said they would, BUT, I would have to pay $190 all over again since I would technically have two working themes. I guess part of it makes sense, but since I can’t use the theme, it doesn’t.

Regardless, the theme doesn’t work with v. 2.1.3, so I was curious how can I download a copy of Cs-Cart 2.1.2? Do I need to send a request to CS-Cart, or do they offer a release archive? When I go to my helpdesk and click on files, I only see an option to download the latest release.

I know people will say that the latest release is the most stable, and I am not arguing that, but obviously AlgonZone would not sell a theme designed to be used with v. 2.1.2, if people were having issues using it with 2.1.2. I know it works with 2.1.2. so I would like to delete my current cart and upload the old cart version if possible, rather than pay Algozone another $180 to make the site compatible with the latest release. I already dropped enough on the cart!

Does anybody know a quick answer to this?

The helpdesk can put the version you want in your files area.

But you should question why a skin isn’t working from one version to the next.

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]The helpdesk can put the version you want in your files area.

But you should question why a skin isn’t working from one version to the next.[/QUOTE]

Thank you so much for your help! I sent CS-Cart an email through the helpdesk requesting access to this old release. Somebody sent a snapshot on this forum that showed a list of old releases. It said “archive” at the top. I have no idea where that was taken from because when I log into my helpdesk, and flick files, I only get the latest release and don’t see anything pertaining to an archive. I wish they would just post it.

As far as why Algozone’s theme becomes a mess by upgrading to a different version? I have no idea.

As nice as Algozone’s themes are, they seem to be pretty unstable but CS-Cart put them on their site, so I figured they were a good company.

Probably a better idea to just get this skin working with your current 2.1.3 version.

When you performed the upgrade you should have seen a list of files which were modified after the upgrade, if you look thru these you will most likely see that a few of your algozone skin files were changed along with the actual changes made. You most likely just have some css changes made during the upgrade which broke the skin, may be an easy fix & then you can retain the benefits of 2.1.3. :wink: