How can I do this with variations

I have 5 different variations of a product.

I want to have a collage of the 5 variations as the Product Image in the Category. For example as the category product image:

AND then when clicking on the product in the category display, the product page opens with the variations listed and the product image shows the first variation, i.e. the main one. For example

OR, the product page displays the collage image first and the Variation drop down just shows something like “…” and when the customer selects a variation, the image changes to what is selected like what is default now. For example:

The reason for this is to show the customer that there are variations and not just one single product as the default way it looks like now.

Thanks for any help

Please follow the video attached → Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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It would seem that both ways that you described would require hiring a dev for some code modification. That is, if you’d like exactly the described behavior.

If I wanted to make do without a dev, I’d do it like this:

Put the collage as the first image of all 5 variations. That way, when any model plane is out of stock, you’d still have the collage appear on the category page. Other images would be those of the selected aircraft.

Alternatively, I’d consider “variations as separate products” as well. You’d have products like “Jetstar AA330 - Souvenir Model Plane” or “Boeing 747 - Souvenir Model Plane”, but it would allow you to have unique descriptions for each. :thinking: (that’s what @hungryweb demonstrated in the video).

Just to jump in on this as Im working with variations now too.

Can I ask, what is the benefit of the variations rather then just import the 5 aircraft as seperate products