How can I do that

hello just was wondering how can I change these things

I am using royal mail and need have this packing price like a postage price :-)


Not sure what you mean, can you explain. I use Royal mail too.


:-) hi thanks for you try help me

I would like to have price 3.65 for first class recorded

as a postage

if you have better look there is postage 0

I would like to have there postage 3.65

and not 3.65 in packing

hope you will understand now

Thanks again

Are you looking to get the Royal mail to show like that in the cart or paypal, if paypal I cant help I m afraid.

hello many thanks again I am nearly sure I will change this cart shop I have got one year and bit but nothing has improved just new version with same things, more issues but more slowly :-(

the tragic is you cant do update php on your server because this cscart does support well only php 5.3

that its very bad we still do not have easy shipping in uk :-(

Ok enough I did not came hear cry :-) I am going to find some another one alternative

I cant see future in this cart for professional seller without you pay much money for everything :-(

have no idea why they do not have on the forum edit button

I wanted write I did not come here to cry :-)

If you explain to me exactly what you are trying to do we can help, it is a good cart and works fine with royal mail, I do it every day with 15 different weights.

ps, the edit button is below

hello I know that and I am still selling through this shopping cart

I do not need any weights or sizes just need instead packing in the invoice have postage

on the picture above you can see yellow frame with price postage 0.00 there I would like to have price which is not in yellow frame 3.65

I am using just first class recorded, special delivery and air mail I have got these price like a shipping price

I can not add new currier like a canada post or aurstralia post or etc

when I tried this one

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

nothing happens

Now hope you will understand what I need

this is just bit cosmetic problem but is it :-(

I tried find some module for uk but sadly rusian people from alt team I think want 360 usd uuuuuf

Maybe this is a PayPal problem, I am unsure what it could be

now why paypal problem I think is normal because you do not have a postage in your cart just shipping charge :-)

[quote name=‘tomtomrepairteam’ timestamp=‘1348422312’ post=‘145589’]

no why paypal problem I think is normal because you do not have a postage in your cart just shipping charge :-)


I think johnbol1 is trying to help you here, and I'm sure many others would too but you need to give more information.

Can you give us some screen shots of how you have set up shipping in cscart

I did not say anything I said very thanks to him

I have got in shipping methods

first class recorded

special delivery

and air mail

and each one has just price this one

and thanks

have no idea if it help you some how :-)

here is what I have in checkout there is shipping and I would like to have there postage :-) thanks

Still not 100% sure what you are trying to do, BUT if you are trying to change the text “Select shipping method” to “Postage” then in admin>languages search for Select shipping method and change to what you want



Have just checked my Paypal account and it is same as yours, the shipping costs charged by the cart are displayed as a packing cost in paypal, have gone back a few years and this hasn't changed (just never noticed it before). I use custom shipping methods in cscart too but not concerned how this displays in Paypal - as long as the total is correct!

Am I right in saying you want Paypal to display the packing price to say 0.00 and the postage £3.65 (or whatever the cscart shipping charge is)?

Can anyone who uses non-custom shipping in cscart comment on how Paypal reports packing/postage?

Is this a CS issue or Paypal - any ideas?


never noticed it before but mine is same, no worries for me.


:-) maybe guys from simbirsk technology could have an answer :-)

hey johnbol what about you do not have vat pay separately ? I think is much worse that packing or shipping or postage fee :-)

yes we charge and pay vat.