How Can I Display (Filter) Products That Accept Specific Payment Method?


We have C.O.D option in our marketplace, but not available for all of the products. How can I display (filter) products that only accept specific payment method (C.O.D) ?

Add a new feature and assign payment names to this feature. Assign the feature value(s) to the products and then add this feature as a new filter.

As alternative, create CMS page and add block with products only to this page

Thanks alot dear friends for the suggested solutions .. surly i will start with one of them ..

But the best solution would be having a "dynamic" way to list only products according to the "payment method" .. because we add many products in daily base by different vendors ..

Can I create a page with smarty code calls products from the products table based on a condition I pass to it ? (SQL statement in smarty !!)

My background is Laravel MVC, and for this I would create a controller that run the SQL statement and return the result to a view .. but I am not sure how to do that in the CS-Cart structure ..

SQL queries can be called in SMARTY, but it is not recommended. E.g.

{"SELECT COUNT(?:products.product_id) FROM ?:products"|db_get_field}