How Can I Change The Vendor Text To Custom String


I'm really new to cs cart, I need to change the vendor string in to custom string in the whole site. I found out that I can find all the strings which are containing vendor inside the,

Administration -> languages->translations.

It is not practical to update string one by one, So I further investigate into database and found out by updating "cscart_language_values" table will help to change the vendor text of the site. Now I'm trying to implement this through the addon. Because I think addon is the professional way of doing this inside the cs cart. If there is any other way of doing this please let me know. I wrote new addon with the function.php contains below


function update_vendor_string_value()
db_query("UPDATE cscart_language_values
value = REPLACE(value,
'custom text')");

My init.php



<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<addon scheme='2.0'>
<name>Vendor String</name>
<description>Update vendor text to given value</description>

My problems are,

1. Can I execute this addon and update the table without creating index page?

2. How can I execute this with separate user interface?

I am really new on cs cart please show me da way of doing this correctly. (Some times this may stupid question).