How can I change the default displayed currency?

My base currency is GBP £ and I also have available AUD$. When users come to my site the default £GBP is displayed but I want AUD$ to be the currency they see by default. I can’t find a way to change this. Can anyone help?

I just had ago our site is AUD$ by default but i just went in admin currency on top right hand side “Add New Currency” Code=AU Name = Aussie rate =1.000

Sign =$. Hit the Base on the left hand plane beside aussie and then hit update.

Then you can choose GB Pound on the right hand side and make it available.

Hope that helps you


Thanks Greg but I actually need my base currency to be in £GBP i.e. I want to enter all my products in in Pounds but have customers see Dollars when they go to the site.

When a customer goes to my site they have the choice of GBP or AUD - both are availble to choose from the currency drop-down but the problem is that when they first go to the site the default option is GBP (because this is the base currency). I want to change this so that AUD is the default option but the site still needs a base of GBP.

Hello Craig. I have the same problem like you. Did you do something with this? Pls let me know.


Me too have same problem. if you found any solution please let me know…

Edit the first currency in the list to what you want as default.

We have an add-on "Currency IP". This cs-cart module allows changing shop currency automatically according to visitor's IP. Besides, if several currencies are used in e-store, the customer could specify the default shop currency.

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