How can I BCC a "Order Completed" email to another email address

I’d like to email when I set an orders status to Complete. So that I can be reminded to send out a courtesy follow up email, to check if everything went OK with the order and to check if they are happy with the product.

Can someone tell me how to send a BCC when I send the “Your order has been shipped” email?

I understand it’s probably a 1 line bit of code.


I know this is not the solution you are looking for, but for the management of emails I use a very powerful and configurable software, email2bd.

It is a great solution for customizing all emails management and not to touch cs-cart code.

Try just adding another addy in the “Notify orders department”.;,

It’s OK, I have worked out a better way to do it.

I now have an extra order status, to indicate that the order has been followed up, When I set the order status, it sends a follow up email to the customers in the same way that it sends order confirmations.

I hope you did it with the quick way.

Just make BCC FWD to an email address through your mail server.