How Add A Good Html Editor To Write Nice Description!


How can i add a good HTML editor?

In version 4.xx, html editor are too basic! Impossible for a picture to adjust margin, title, alt, position and more…

In version 1.3 Html editor was better!

Same with TABLE… Impossible to adjust a cell, row, etc…

So why this choice? I don’t understand… even HTML editor of this forum is better ;-)

Ho do you work to create nice description with pictures and place datas in table?

Thanks you very much, it’s important.



Thank you for the message.

Please note that there are several wysiwyg editors available in standard CS-Cart. You can switch between them on the Settings > Appearance page of your CS-Cart admin panel. Please check it.

I hope this will help you.

And none are anywhere near as good as what was in 3.1! They are way too basic and or are missing many editing features. Are there any other third party ones that can be added? Or give us back the 3.1 version…?


Hello Jack,

If you are interested, our engineers can provide you with the solution on a paid basis.

No, I already paid for a license for a “upgraded” version of CS cart. This is a downgrade and they need to do something about it.


[quote name=‘gg96’ timestamp=‘1404671055’ post=‘187046’]

even HTML editor of this forum is better ;-)


That’s hilarious… and this forum has the most primative Mobile version.

We are also running into the limitations of the build-in HTML editors. They are not bad, but sometimes not enough for our needs, We are also happy with the 3rd party theme (BuyShop out of Themeforest), but would like some more design creativity with the static content pages, like About us, etc…

As we are new to CS-Cart, I would love to know what alternative solutions are recommended by the experienced users. As far as I can tell the potential alternatives are:

  1. design our layout in PSD and have an experienced Bootstrap/CS-cart person/company translate into the proper HTML code

  2. use a 3td party WYSIWYG Bootstrap editor. There seem to be dozens of them. But unsure if its HTML code will easily copy/paste into CS-Cart's HTML editor?

  3. or…?

    Thank you in advance for any suggestion.


Yeah i agree with you they really need to step up their game with some essential good features…

Cs cart has so much potential but they just don't work as hard as other ecommerce platforms to imporve.