How About Simple Anchor Links That Work!

With the current version of CS-Cart’s you cannot add a simple anchor link to your product’s descriptions such as “#2” as it will just redirect you to the home page. When we asked CS-Cart why such a simple feature didn’t work, they replied:

“The base functionality of HTML has been changed to optimize the performance of the SEO functionality. That is why the standard anchor links work differently.

I hope this is clear.”

And then they replied further:

“Please let me explain. SEO addon uses standard mod_rewrite module, which rewrites links using standard rules. In order to resolve the problem you can disable SEO addon or using the code, which I have send you in previous message.

If it does not suit you we can offer you our custom development service, our engineers try to do modification for you on the paid basis. Please let me know if you are interested in it and I will forward your request to our quote manager.”

This comment, “or using the code, which I have send you in previous message” was simply telling us to hard code each and every product url into the anchor link to get it to work; such as “product-name.html#anchor-link”. What a HUGE time waster!