How A Vendor Can Create A Free Shipping Option?


Does some one can show me how a vendor can create a free shipping option by vendor heself with over $200 or $300 with different regions on USA for the cs cart multi vendor version?

The words free shipping need show under each product, show on the product detail page and on the vendor home store if the vendor have free shipping option create, please see the image for more detail, if need pay, you can just send me back for the price and how long will be finish to

My website is with multi vendor 4.2.3

Thank in advance!


free shipping in usa over $200 show on the product detail page.jpg

need show on the vendor store home page too, when a customer click see detail will be show example Free shipping on USA over $200 omited regions Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska…jpg

the free shipping need show under each product if the vendor have offer free shipping over $200 or $300…jpg

We will send you our offer soon. Thanks