Hot To Get Php Value In Block Tpl

Hi friends

i can't understand that $items how to get value (block/original.tpl file of banner addon). which controller is called for it can any one describe it . Thanks in Advance if anyone can solve my problem.

{** block-description:original **}

{foreach from=$items item=“banner” key=“key”}

{if $banner.type == “G” && $banner.main_pair.image_id}

{if $banner.url != “”}{/if}

{include file=“common/image.tpl” images=$banner.main_pair}

{if $banner.url != “”}{/if}


{$banner.description nofilter}



The system takes data from schema. E.g. please check the app\addons\banners\schemas\block_manager\ file:

$schema['banners'] = array(

It means that for these blocks the system fill use the fn_get_[color=#ff0000]banners [/color][color=#000000]function. The same behavior works for other objects:[/color]