Hot Deals Blk does not show add to cart?

Hi, When I use hot deals block it only shows the product image and product name. However, I want to put the old price, price, clean price, add to cart button etc there as well, can someone suggest what is a good way to get this done.

Here is the section of the code from hot_deals.tpl perhaps this needs tweaking, not sure though

{foreach name=“products” from=$items item=“product”}

{if $product.product}

{foreach from=$product.category_ids key=cat_id item=cat_main}

{if $cat_main == “M”}

{include file=“common_templates/image.tpl” image_width=75 image_height=75 obj_id=“$block.block_id_$product.product_id” images=$product.main_pair object_type=“product” capture_image=true show_thumbnail=“Y”}

{assign var="category" value=","|explode:$category_list}
{if !$cat_id|in_array:$category}

{assign var="category_list" value="`$category_list`,`$cat_id`"}

no responses as yet. Can someone please help how to get price and add to cart to show up for products in the hot deals blk. I am running 2.2.4