Hosting UK vs US


My CS is hosted by Siteground, as we keep saying we are new to this. We are a little concerned that being hosted in US using a (.com) will make search engines think we are US based where in fact we UK.

We currently have a ( site (not CS) but are building our CS (.com).

What we want to know is the best way to get UK product listing on say Google, we intend to PARK our ( only) on Siteground but we are unsure of the best thing to do.

Can anyone offer any advise please.


Hi barryH


Your ecommerce website should be hosted by a company in the same country as your business. This ensures that you have legal recourse if it’s ever needed. I say this because you’re hosting sensitive business and customer data that you are legally responsible for no matter where it’s hosted.[/quote]

[quote]It’s not so much a hosting issue as it is a business issue. You are responsible for the data that a customer entrusts you with no matter where it’s hosted. My point is that if you were to find yourself in a situation where you needed to recover damages or seek some other course of legal action against the hosting company it is significantly easier to do so when both parties reside in the same jurisdiction. It’s also more difficult to adjudicate a business dispute between two parties in different states (United States), but that’s easy in comparison to working in different countries.

The point can be batted around, debated, or even disregarded as preparation for an unlikely event, but it’s a fact that I myself have encountered in international business transactions.

I’m not saying that someone should base their decision on this fact, but they should take it into consideration.[/quote]

I am hosted on sitegroung and although i have signed up for two years i will be leaving them shorty.

One because i am UK based, another is because [COLOR=Red]CS-Cart runs much to slow on these servers[/COLOR], there support system is a [COLOR=Red]mess[/COLOR] and if you need to backup your store you have to [COLOR=Red]pay[/COLOR] for this to be done. Also my site has been down now for 5 hours.

[COLOR=Red]I cannot recommend siteground to anyone[/COLOR] :-x