Hosting Solutions

Anyone have any recommendations for hosting companies? Please list pros and cons. Thanks!

Which country are you from?

I have a great solution and very cheap, I run alot of servers.


Im in USA

I started out with - $1.95/month. They were stable, I dont think they ever went down, but their speed was rather slow. Had them for a year

Then I went to and got a reseller account - $9.95/month. First month was great, faster speed… Then the particular server they put me on kept crashing, they said they’ve tried everything to get it fixed to no avail… still kept crashing… downtime nearly every two days… not good for my business. So after 5 months I moved on.

Now I am with (aka HostingZoom) I’ve been with them for over a year and I couldn’t be happier. They came highly regarded from . These guys are super knowledgeable about some custom features I wanted and were very easy to work with to get it set up. I’ve never waited more than 20 mins for a response to a help desk ticket. Servers are fast, no downtime. And I run about 10 sites from my reseller account: 4 online stores, 5 game sites, and 1 personal page. All are running great. I pay $12.95/month for 75G bandwidth & 5G hard drive And they have larger plans if needed. No ASP support is the only caveat, but thats not important to me.

Also if you are lookin for a great merchant account provider… I recently found and signed up with them. They have the best rates I’ve seen for what I want (and no im not a reseller for them… just getting word out on the experiences I’ve had with multiple different providers)

2.9% + $0.25 per transaction

7.95/month statement fee

9.95/month Gateway fee


This works great for me because I have a lot of orders at $50-$100 each… so I pay less per transaction.

my old merchant account with was:

3.93% +$0.50 per transaction




Which ended up costing me more because of the high transaction fees. I’m saving about $280 per month with the new account I have. But each are differently good depending on what you want.

Thanks for the replies guys! Martin… I’m in the USA… what’s up with the sexy avatar pic?

Guys, tell me please page load fast on windows hosting?

Thank you.

We run cs-cart on a windows server using a mysql back end on freeBSD and works great.

We also do web hosting

This is our cs-cart site ( still in the works. ) only had it up a day.

We can support cs-cart on windows or *nix or your own dedicated server for less than $79 per month.

sweet site theme design. Who did the work?

[url][/url] did the design on that site, they do all of our design work. Great group of guys there. :slight_smile:


They have VPS, Shared and could probably fix you up with Dedicated or get you in the right direction.

I have stores on their servers. They pay attention to the number of users on their servers and do not allow more than 30 on each server I think.

They know what it takes to make an ecommerce site work and they are there with you for the long haul.

Emerson will treat you great!

I use Yahoo! hosting. It has alot of pros, like hosting space, and bandwith, and if u have any other SBC, AT&T, or Yahoo! services, you get ALOT of discounts on the price. The downsides is, it is really hard to integrate a contact form, and Yahoo! doesnt accept .htaccess, but you can work around them

Just to update you on my EWD proposition, I have yet to find a con, I have had all pros

Also can get scan alert much cheaper through them. I use that on my sites also.

I now have enough space and can offer hosting to anyone who needs it. Send me a PM if you are interested. Thanks!

You bust out for a dedicated server?

I have some hostign plans

Have my own server that are manage by a full time staff.


I’m in the UK, using powerVPS (US Based) who are fantastic with great support and several good packages with extras avaliable.

I also like the fact that they have some “hidden” packages for those who ask. For example you can have a server setup to the same specs as a good dedicated server but with only one VPS on it so you get the power of a DS with the simplicity (and managed) of a VPS - if you understand what I’m getting at!

Worth a look anyway -


I’m in the U.S. also.

I started out with a cheap hosting solution with, but found out that their PHP/MYSQL page load times were very slow (not to mention that they encountered a lot of technical difficulties & downtime) , so I switched over to (what a painfull process & waste of time)

I have the premium package at

13.99/month for 100gb space, 1000gb datatransfer, comes with free SSL for one year for 1 domain. You can add 2.99 per month for a dedicated server. Once we get a lot more traffic I’ll consider add 3 more per month for a dedicated server.

EDIT I found out it can only host up to 5 domains for one premium hosting account. You can add as many domains as you want.

Their merchant account is too expensive for my taste.

Godaddy also has free hosting if you purchase a domain, but I think you have to leave a banner on your site (but it’s free). But I’m staying away from that.

I’m still searching for a merchant account (found that’s Merchant Account 2.29% was the cheapest thus far), but I might consider what TVC is using (though 2.9%).

I use and they are worth a look.