Hosting CS-Cart Ultimate?

I been using CS-Cart Professional but need to manager more than one store, so I've been looking into CS-Cart Ultimate.

I guess I need a SSL for each cart. My current host, SiteGround says this is an issue because they only allow 1 SSL per account or CPANEL and since I am hosting more than 1 site with one account, that won't work.

What does everybody else use?

First of all, siteground does not have the best rep here.

With cpanel, you need a multidomain ssl, or get it to work with a little hack: Is a multi-domain ssl required for Ultimate - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums

You could also move over to hosting running something else then cpanel. I'm pretty sure plesk can do this without modifications.

It would be really nice if cs-cart could post something officially about this in the KB. A lot of people are struggling with add-on domains, unique IP's and SSL.

If enough people ask Support, who knows, they might even create a long overdue KB article on this exact subject.

I'm looking forward to do something soon as far as the upgrade goes, so I'll continue to dig around for answers.

There was a good set of instructions posted for how to use ssl per cpanel account within ultimate. I.e. a VPS with multiple accounts (one per storefront). It’s not tough to do using Apache’s supported method of customizing virtual hosts.

Take a look at this: