Hosting Config For Multistore Ssl On Cpanel

I noticed an old topic of 2012 where a store owner experienced issues with not able to install a UCC SSL in Cpanel.

I may run into that issue as well.

The main reason for me to opt for the multistore option and have CS-Cart Ultimate as the main platform to run multiple store fronts are

  1. my own familiarity with cs-cart, quirks and pleasures
  2. the excellent support by cs-cart and the available add-ons
  3. a platform which is not dependant on microsoft tech
  4. managing stock from just one administrative back-end

    However, as the older topic implied, I would need an UCC SSL for SSL to work with a multi store setup. Well I presumed that a multi store would be easier option for less money and more bang than running a second full store license for two shops that more or less will be the same in terms of items but with not quite similar product descriptions. Two stores but essentially two different audiences.

    Have I done the right thing.

Perhaps I wrote this topic to soon, I selected a theme for my second store front and then turned to the store front in https mode and saw in my browser that the SSL that previously had been there in place for that specific domain which previously ran an full CS-cart store for demo and debugging purposes now shows the padlock and the correct SSL.