Hosting and functions

Can I install CS-Cart myself without much problem
or am I better paying someone to do it?

Yes, CS is very easy to install with any FTP program

Are there any security holes I need to worry about?


is there a way to purge all of the customers
credit card info to protect it in case site is hacked/compromised?


Can customer orders be 'downloaded'
(open orders only of course) and imported
directly into a program like Quickbooks?


Can Customer shipping info be downloaded for import into UPS Worldship?
(so we dont have to re-enter)

Not sure but CS does have real-time UPS Shipping…

Who are the best options for Hosting
as CS-Cart site in the US?

Not sure but if you have the cash go VPS or Dedicated

is forum incompatible with Firefox?



you get over $1000+ in FREE addons, modules and features that you would have to buy from brand X and theres more FREE addons, modules and features coming, the biggest mod of the year is coming…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]

is forum incompatible with Firefox?



Umm… No.

[QUOTE]is forum incompatible with Firefox?[/QUOTE]

Perhaps there was a bug or something at the time but the forum is compatible Firefox :wink:


of course this forum script is compatible with FireFox.

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Hope this makes sense.