Hostgator Disaster

I am upgrading a site hosted with hostgator, and have terrible trouble with time-outs, and the hostgator staff tried some fixes, which did not work.

And now somehow they have made some changes within the cpanel, which none of us can seem to find or fix, and I am unable to place the "cgifast" script in .access the moment I do the site simply stops working. So upgrading is simply impossible.

(The reason I know the script works, when I implemented it in the "dev testing store" it worked wonders) So it is something that has happened after I created the dev store)

I am going to change from hostgator, there is no choice here, but if I bring the cpanel across to a new host, I am going to have exactly the same issue.

How do I start a new cpanel, but bring my products and sales etc across to it, so I do not lose everything and have to start again.

Kind Regards