Hosted Payments With Realxpayments Upgrade Question.

CS-Cart 4.3.10 and CS-Cart 4.1.4


We use the Hosted Payments payment interface with Realex. This is selected as Realex Payments Redirect in the Administration Panel Payments Methods section.

We have received an email from RealEx which says:

We've identified that you may be using one of our legacy products to process your payments - our ePage Redirect Service.

We're pleased to inform you that we'll be upgrading you to our HPP within the coming weeks. The upgrade will happen automatically and will be completed prior to the HPP TLS update on 23rd May 2017 (see 'Security Update' below). This upgrade is necessary as your current ePage Redirect Service may experience issues once we've completed the update.

This may relate to our current live site which is CS-Cart 4.1.4

My question is - if we select Realex Payments Redirect in CS-Cart 4.3.10 will we be using the legacy or the new interface?


Justin Wyllie

Hi, did you ever get an update to this?