Host won't enable ini_set(). fair?

[size=5][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Hi all

I am unable to install cscart 4.0.3.

Cscart tells me it's “[color=#555555]because the [/color]ini_set()[color=#555555]PHP function is disabled on your server”[/color][color=#555555] [/color]

While my host tells me:

“Unfortunately we are not willing to enable this function within our Shared Hosting environment as it poses a significant security risk to the server. The ini_set() function allows users to override the default PHP setting which we have set per our Standard Operating Environment to ensure the security and stability of the server for all users.”

So looks like i'm in limbo unless anyone here has any bright ideas?[/font][/size]

Who is your host?

ini_set is used throughout CS-Cart, and most other PHP-based shopping carts I have come across. I see no reason to disable ini_set - perhaps they don't have a clue what they are doing which sounds more plausible in this case.