Horizontal Top Menu Goes Off Page To Right

I recently modified the horizontal top menu for our site, www.dark-storm.com to include an additional level of subcategories for the “ammo” main category. It works great, BUT, the menu only extends to the right, which pushes it off the side of the page on smaller window sizes and mobile. How do I fix this?

Hi Ed

this is a classic CS-Cart problem since 306 version (your version), and you can still find it in 431 but this time if menus on the right are big they extend all the way down as 1 column. This is a very annoying issue and you can fix it with some css but, next time you will add some new subcategories, its going to be a mess again… (we build a mega menu for v42x just to solve this problem, by making the menu full width all the time no matter how many subcategories to have)

So you can add this css

.dropdown-multicolumns li:hover #topmenu_85_6a8fd61ea730d79030f7d449452cb0a7 {

and it will look ok.