Horizontal category menu

i think it will be great if i can have horizontal category dropdown menu like www.homedepot.com .

Correct me if i don’t know how to set up category horizontally. :slight_smile:

here’s a sample link,

CS-Cart’s top menu has that functionality but with tabs depending on the skin you use. If you don’t like the tabs they can easily be eliminated in styles.css by commenting out the image references or you can make your own images. I did this with vitaminlink.net. I don’t have sub categories but look at the Manufacturers or Information munu.

[quote name=‘indy0077’]Have a look at our CSC site: [URL]http://www.cscart.webdesign-creative.com/[/URL]

We made a clone of our Wordpress menu (and whole design) into our CS-Cart site.[/QUOTE]

Hi Indy, can’t see your CSC site. Is the wrong URL?

You can vote to have this feature added in the Ideas forum: