Hoping for a little help with 1.3.5

Hi There,

I know that the version I am working is very old however the customer does not want to upgrade because they have had their site for 3/4 years now with no problems at all - and still receive major feedback for their site.

I have managed before to get a link to a topic into the “customer/Member” login/Authentication sidebox previously (and as you may have gathered it was a very long time ago). I now need to add another topic that is only viewed by the customer (have this bit sorted) it is trying to get the link to show up in the customers log(ged) in sidebox.

If there is anyone out there that could provide any information that would enable me to get this link working I would more than appreciate it.

I have attached a graphic of the link that is currently there however I do now want to have a “new link” in addition to this one. I cannot for the life of me remember how I achieved it in the first place.

Any help and response (even if it is “cannot help” would be more than appreciated")


previous link.png

You should be able to escape with something like this by declaring 'if user = registered then give link"

I don’t use 1.3.5 anymore so it’s a long call.