Hey Guys,

I installed a fresh copy of CsCart v2.1.3 on my personal server. I keep getting a error trying to view the store front or admin area.

"Hooks can be only registered by addons: D:/addons/tags/init.php is not addon path "

If it makes a difference im running the software on a different harddrive than apache. Apache is installed on C: where all site information is pulled from D: on my server.

Im running the latest version of apache, PHP, and Mysql. (xampp) I never had a problem running the older version of cscart (v1.3.5 ? i think) Can anyone help me?


This is a guess so YMV.

You have your store in a root directory that does not match what you have configured in config.local.php.

That error comes from checking the path of the caller of fn_register_hooks() and comparing the path with the DIR_ADDON constant which is the full path to the root of your store with /addons appended to it.

So it thinks something is calling fn_register_hooks() that is not in the addons directory…

You can look at the function fn_register_hooks in core/fn.control.php for details.