…ok, so I upgraded this past year from 1.3.5 to 2.2.2. All went well, very happy with CS after all these years.

However, I was too busy (stupid?) trying to get things up and running quickly that I did not first learn how CS hooks work when I made all my customizations. Our site is mostly stock, but there are quite a few little tweaks here and there which I don't want to lose (or have to manually re-do) when upgrading, now that later versions are available.

So, I have my notes on paper of all the changes I made to code, settings, etc. How do I convert these changes to hooks so I can upgrade easier? Can I make all my changes into hooks, or just where CS has hook tags in the code?

I've read the manual, but any tips or info is much appreciated! Thank you!

Yep just use the My Changes add on [url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

You can add a custom hook to any .tpl file by adding the below syntax in a file and the spot you wish the change to appear

{hook name=“custom_hooks:orders:info”}


then you simply create a file with the changes under (you can use .post, .pre., or .override)

[color=#555555][font=arial, georgia, arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]skins/[CUSTOMER_ACTIVE_SKIN]/customer/addons/[/size][/font][/color]my_changes[color=#555555][font=arial, georgia, arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]/hooks/custom_hooks/orders/info.post.tpl[/size][/font][/color]

sole - thanks, I've been doing that and it seems like it's ok, just not sure how it will show up when upgrading.

One other thing, I made many changes in styles.css, but should they have been made in styles.base.css for ease in upgrading?

Thanks again…

When you upgrade you will have to re-insert your custom hook (or request cs-cart add it to the standard distribution - good luck there).

Always add a comment with your hook so it's easier to detect/find. I.e. {** EZms - added hook **}

It should be fairly rare that you need to add hooks to the customer side of things. You might have to copy a chunk of code into your hook to modify it, but almost everything is “hooked” in one way or another. The admin side has much fewer hooks to it.