Hook tpl override bug in RC 3.0.1?

Hi there,

I have been developing a new site on the RC multi vendor edition, and think I may have found a bug, or I’m doing something wrong.

I am overriding skin tpls the correct way - or would like to be :)

I have in my ‘basic’ skin a ‘my_changes’ in the customer addons directory, and I’ve setup fine an override with the following file:


This works well, I can override the top menu tpl no problem. However, if I try adding overrides as a subdirectory of this, for example:



These do not work - but the path structure is right, and it follows the correct format as far as i can see?

Could anyone advise please?

Many thanks, Steve

Hooks are only looked for in the sub-directory specified by the name of the hook. I.e. if you have a hook in a template file of:

{hook name=“foo:bar”}

then it will look for bar.pre.tpl, bar.override.tpl and bar.post.tpl in the hooks/foo directory.

No other sub-directories are supported and you can't assume that a hook is available by a filename (though many times they are the same). It is dieetermined by the {hook} template block.

Excellent, thank you for the information :)