Homepage loads slow

Iv had cscart for a few months and notice the homepage takes up to 5 seconds see anything but white. I tried from multiple locations all with 30Mb download speed. I currently have it hosted with godaddy on a shared server. Not sure if moving to dedicated server will make a big differnce or if there is something i can do with cscart to speed it up. Thanks



I wouldnt even mind if the site came up with a blue background then took a few seconds to load. But it looks like a dead site when you first click and nothing happens for 2 seconds, then takes few more to load.

I think you diagnosed your problem, 'hosted with godaddy".

Cs-Cart is a resource hog and only runs smoothly when configured on the correct server platform.

I highly recommend http://www.cyberlnc.com, you can not go wrong with their standard $19.99 package.


check the rights of some 777 folders.

If the cache is 775 with the rights of a site will be slow to load