Home Page turned to this? Just install 60 day free version

Right now I use osc for our online store www.zakkacanada.com, and would like to change to CS-Cart seeing its more functionalities.

When we installed 60 day free version, the front end and admin are exactly the same as Demo. But an hour after, the home page turned to:


All catalogs, products, blocks, those top menus…all disappear…But amdin has everything there just like Demo shows.

Did I do anything wrong? I do not remember I changed anything…Please take a look…

And it doesn’t show my added new item??

I know there are more experienced users here that are best suited to answer you.

But being a new user myself I think this also happen to me. I set a few things up made changes to the blocks, etc… but then I decided to change skins and lost my settings. I noticed that the skin you are using is not the default skin.

Just a thought…

the customer service Alex is great… He always replies emails in time. And he’ll email me saying they are working on this question and will answer me the next day.

The problem is that I added a new “localization”, and did not point all products, blocks to this new localization…


I have the same problem!

Can you explain to me the solution?

Thanks a lot!