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Good Morning guys,

I've been looking at the source code of my home page on Google Chrome but and i'm finding it very hard to exactly work out how to find the files i need to edit. The source code looks easy enough to edit however im not sure which files to be looking at. I was so used to just editing the homepage.index html page years ago but with all this css etc i'm finding it a little hard. I'm not a programmer and I have learnt a little bit but i thought maybe somebody can explain it to me or direct me to a tutorial.


what are you trying to edit

First of all, if you've been out of coding for a bit you might want to primer back up on css especially with css frameworks in play etc.

But mainly you need to use the Chrome debugger window, instead of viewing source, right click on an element on the page (a button for example) then select 'inspect element'. This will open up the debugger window for Chrome.

Once it is open mouse over the code in the debugger window and watch your web page, it is highlighting the code associated with what's on the page so you can tell what you are looking at. Additionally if you click on that line of code once to highlight it - all of the 'rendered' style information will be listed on the right. This gives you the ability to temporarily affect your style by making changes to the style listed on the right. It's only temporary, once you refresh the page it goes back to the original code, nothing is really changed, it's just so that you make changes to see what happens before doing it for real in the actual code.

In addition, line numbers and document names to the right of the style tells you where it's located in your file structure.

Thanks for you quick reply it's very much appreciated.

I am trying to fix two validation errors which to me seem very simple. I thought bottom.tpl was the right file to edit but nothing seems to be happening. My url is uniqueautoart.com

1: Line 511, Column 8: end tag for element “p” which is not open

2: Line 513, Column 161: end tag for element “span” which is not open

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