Holistic Pet Supplies

Well, it’s finally live! I’m still tweaking a few things and have to get the files moved to my “root” on my domain but the site is up. We’ve already received lots of praise from our monthly recurring customers as well as a couple of orders. Everything appears to be working really well so far - PayPal is working and Authorize.net authorization works great!



Thanks to everyone on the forums for the help! I don’t think I would have gotten this far without the great help - archived or current!!



Looking good Stephanie

you need to fix your banners.


those work well on a white background but you are not using white and the graphics don’t look good. the shadows on the text and “sale” image .

otherwise its looking good.

Congrats Steph!

New site looks quite nice and I especially like the “Chicken on a Stick” thingy!


Just a quick observation, you might want to consider reducing your page width maybe 3-4 pixels so that the bottom scroll bar does not display in a 1024 x 768 browser window because you are loosing about 25 pixels worth of real estate in page height. :wink:

Congrats on the launch! I see that you’re on 2.0.8. We’re also considering launching on that version as the User Groups addition really throws a monkey wrench in our custom mods. Did you run across any critical bugs in 2.0.8?



Hi Struck,

Thanks for the compliments!

I just changed my monitor to 1024x768 and I don’t see a scroll bar on the bottom. I’m not sure about changing the width since I just used the set width from the Artificial Casting skin. I’ll check it on a few other computers and ask some of my regular customers what they see, though, just in case.



Hi Glen,

Knock on wood, so far we haven’t seen any major things. In fact, everything is working quite well. There are some new things in the newer version that I would like to have but those will have to wait until I have time to upgrade and test our store. I’m hoping that an upgrade would go smoothly for me but you never know so I’m going to be happy on 2.0.8 for a while. :slight_smile:

If I can help any further, let me know.



www.Products4Pets.com - live on 2.0.8

Thanks for the feedback, ETInteractive! I’ll definitely take a look at changing the background shadow for the banners. They look ok to me but if they would look better with different color then I’m all over it!

Thanks again,