High Ranking Cs Cart Pages And Seo


I'm just curious if someone could post some of the best Google ranked CS cart based websites.

Also I'm trying to improve the SEO on our website as it has well over 200 links and am having a great deal of trouble trying to work out the best way to do it as we do have a lot of products. I was wondering if anyone else has a similar issue and how they resolved it?

feel free to visit my site at uniqueautoart.com



Hello De,

I have checked your website and its look simple and good but do not having SEO related things. Please check your PM.


Dear De,

Also have checked your website.

I agree with the ABS Soft, it is simple. it is a plus.

Let do not touch the design of your website as it is your own solution.

Seems that your website is quite fast and works well.

I do not like that the header is not a link to the homepage as I used to click on it if I need the main page.

Seems that all keywords and titles are correct. But I do not check it carefully.

There is not big issues with the internal optimization.

Maybe you should pay attention to the external promotion:[list]

[]write press releases;

]add your website to the directories;

[]discussing your products on the forums;

]google adwords and etc.


Thanks for your kind words I very much appreciate it. Just a few questions … How would I make the header into a link? And what do you mean add my website to the directories?

I've been trying to add a 404 error page lately but can't seem to do it right .

You can use google webmastertools.

There you link your analytics to your google account, when that is done you starting with adwords to that same account. Set 1euro or dollar a day, so now adwords is taking the key words from your website search from analitics.

Works great and boosts your site to higher ranking.