High Availability - Multiple Cs Cart App Servers

Hi -

Hoping some CS-Cart Multi Vendor gurus can help me out with this. I haven't made much progress with the CS Cart support team, so I figured I'd pose my questions here.

So, here it is. I'm using AWS and using an ELB for SSL termination. That ELB, ideally, would then point to two NGINX servers that are cached optimized which then load balance to multiple (right now two) NGINX servers that host the CS-Cart MV app. I've moved what I can tell are "shared directories" (like var/cache) on an EFS volume mounted on both CS-Cart app servers so both apps share those shared files. For a clean explanation of what I have is below:
1 AWS EC2 Elastic Load Balancer
(load balancing to)
2 EC2 servers running NGINX optimized for caching
(load balancing to)
2 EC2 servers running CS-Cart MV
Eventually we'd run as many CS-Cart MV instances as we'd need to scale horizontally and to offer high availability. Pretty straight forward for modern high availability environments. So on to the problem:
With this setup, I eventually get too many redirect issues in the browser. My guess is that's because CS-Cart MV itself is trying to do some smart redirecting in the app basically sending the request back to the top of the funnel again (i.e. the ELB). Before the redirects issue pops up its FAST which is what I want and what I would expect. But ultimately requests fail because of too many redirects - again because my hunch is the CS Cart MV code is redirecting back to our host domain. I've been able to verify that the redirect is in the CS CartMV app code because requesting one of those servers directly, i.e. aws:8080 redirects me back to our host domain.
So, I guess my question is, how is CS Cart supposed to be configured for highly available environments? Does something within the CS Cart code need modified to support this? I'm pretty sure that some config (file or DB) redirects the browser to the host domain than the actual app server its being hosted on. Does anyone else have any experience with CS-Cart MV that could guide me down the right path config wise for CS-Cart so I can get this to work?
Quick point - I'm not looking for any contract help or services to get this working. We want to understand how this can best work ourselves so we can support it. Thanks!