Hiding Vendor Address

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How do i hide address and shipping address from the vendor store front end display.

We would not want for anyone to be able to get their address online until after they ordered from them.

Example: All vendors :: Sweet Sisters SA

Thank you!

You’ll need to customize the template for this page. From my notes, I believe it is:
design / themes / responsive or your theme name / templates / views / companies/view.tpl

Create a customized version here:
design / themes / responsive or your theme name / templates / addons / my_changes / hooks / companies / view.override.tpl

We’re still in an older version of MVE, but from my notes:
line 5 delete show_address=true show_location_full=true
lines 24 - 73 delete all

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Edit your layout page, i.e. replace block “vendor information” block with your own block using smarty content with the fields you actually do want to display.

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Whoa, don’t be in such a hurry with all those modifications :slight_smile:

The solution is really simple and can be achieved directly via settings in the admin panel. Please go to the Administration > Profile fields > Vendor information page of your admin panel and untick all the address related profile fields (City, Country, State/Province, Zip/postal code) in the Show on Storefront column and save the changes.


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We’re in 4.11.5 and the “show” column isn’t labeled “show on storefront” but simply “show”. No idea if this means show on the backend, frontend, or both.

@angletown someone sent me an e-mail but I accidently deleted it, I think it was you because it was about this topic. Was re: how to or what smarty fields.

I think, I would be going with cs-cart’s solution (check box is the front end display). But to answer the smarty question, I don’t really know, I am still learning.

If I was having a crack I would be looking at the set up of a similar block (like the footer) for some clues, possibly the e-mail templates might have the fields in it too. But I think there is a difference in formats (or maybe available vairables), it has always taken me ages of trial and error when I have tried anything like this.

I now have a cs-cart support subscription and most of the operators are pretty good, if you have it then suggest you use it. If not try Ecarter (I have found them excellent but not sure of their forum id, they are in marketplace) or @ecomlabs (I haven’t used them but they clearly know what they are doing and support the community). They should be able to give you a customerised block code at a pretty reasonable price, (I suspect) but as with any third party support a clear, constrained request is likely to yield a better quote.

@ecomlabs has done all of our custom add-ons for years. :wink:
They’re excellent and I highly recommend them.

I have plenty of support credits. It’s possible that I modified my template before that checkbox function was available. I built the site 2015 and have upgraded many times since then. I’ve done lots of clean up as the software progressed, but probably didn’t realize I could do that one another way.

And yes, the email templates DO include the vendor address. I’ve modified our email templates as well. We sell digital art and NEVER give out a vendor address (they’re people - not big companies). It’s a privacy issue. That really should be a yes/no setting in the system rather than something you have to dig for in multiple places.

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worked like a charm! thanks a mil!

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